• Touch, Dungeon and Drag Queens

    Comfort & Joy invites you to come play, explore your fantasies and express your realness with us at ‘Dungeons & Drag-queens’, our latest Touch party production.

    In our queerdom we welcome all your unique bits, naughty or nice.... Learn more

  • Playa on the Grove 2017 promo image

    Comfort & Joy is teaming up with the National AIDS Memorial Grove to bring you the second annual ‘Playa in the Grove’, a fabulous afternoon of art, music, connection and other festivities! For this celebration of our queer community, both in... Learn more

  • Afterglow 2017 Promo

    Comfort & Joy is proud to bring you the 13th edition of their legendary Pink Saturday party, Afterglow. This year's motif: MENAGERIE.

    For those unfamiliar, a menagerie is a strange, diverse collection of creatures and things.That... Learn more

  • Midas Touch promo

    This Touch, we reflect on the enduring myth of King Midas, whose magic touch turned everything to gold. Wow, deja vu.

    The thing is, we all have a version of this. We alter everything we touch; that is the nature of interaction. That's... Learn more

  • Lovin Touch Promo Image

    Comfort & Joy presents: Lovin' Touch

    Lovin’ keeps us warm, on those cold and lonely nights.
    Lovin’ gives us hope, when we cannot see the light.
    Lovin’ reassures us, when we doubt our gifted sight.
    Lovin’ gives us... Learn more

  • Saturnalia Promo

    2016 has truly reshuffled the deck. Therefore, Calamus Fellowship and Comfort & Joy (two non-profit... Learn more

  • Touch Base Promo

    Did your youth athletics experience consist of picking dandelions in the outfield? Did rhythmic gymnastics resonate more than running the ball? Join us, and create the queer sports fantasy you could never have dreamed of. Comfort & Joy... Learn more

  • Playa on the Grove flags waving in the park

    As part of its ongoing 25th anniversary community celebrations, The National AIDS Memorial Grove is teaming up with Comfort & Joy to bring San Francisco an afternoon of art, music and picnicking fun. The Grove is the perfect setting for an... Learn more

  • Afterglow 2016 Promo Image

    Calling all macho men, hot cops, seamen, blue-collar types, urban cowboys, and indigenous people: must dance and have a mustache or enjoy riding them.

    Comfort & Joy is serving the 12th rotation of our jubilant and queer all-night... Learn more