Tender Touch

Saturday, February 11, 2023 - 10:00pm to Sunday, February 12, 2023 - 4:00am

Club 6
60 6th St
San Francisco, CA 94103
United States

Shake off that cool winter chill and come satisfy the craving you've had all season. Candy, sweets, and delights abound at Tender Touch!

Regardless of whether you're solidly solo, perky and paired, thoroughly thruppled or otherwise entangled, we welcome you in with open arms! And yes, it's a new year...but we're moving back to the future by reprising last year's pricing for this Touch Event:

Candy Hearts ($20) "What's your heart made of!? It's just so sweet!

Chocolate Kisses ($25) "Mmmmmmm so smooth! Your kisses are just so good.

Glazed Cherries ($30) "I just want to cover you in.... sugar, and eat you right UP

Chocolate Truffles ($35) "I've been rooting around for you, and now I am gonna eat you whole"

Come get your fill at Club 6 starting at 10pm on Saturday, February 11th 2023. Door tickets ($40) will be available till they are gone...come out early if you want one! All tickets offer you a delectable selection of sonic and visual delights:

In the Main Room, you will be graced by C&J Artistic Director Chickpea’s palette-pleasing Candy Land, where you can join the fun and frolic freely, dancing the night away amidst a veritable cornucopia of smiling and whirling sweet treats. When you're ready to take it down a notch and get cozy with your old flame (or a new one) the Candy Crush Snugglezone awaits in the back room, ready to keep it cush and let you get cuddly surrounded by soft surfaces and plushness aplenty. Downstairs, you're invited to take touch to another level entirely – explore tenderness in our exquisitely appointed Basement Boudoir.

Face / body-painting helpers will be on hand to add a final touch to your lewk...and our Photobooth is available to memorialize the moment when you're good and ready! To top of this succulent set of experiences, we proffer an all-natural sugar rush by way of our trademark morning fruit service.


Our Main Room DJs will be dishing out sweet dance candy upstairs:

• 10:00pm-12:30am — DJ Hil
~12:30am — **Stage Show**
• 12:45-2:00am — Ion The Prize 
• 2:00-4:00am — Jason Godfrey

The **Stage Show** will burst into being before your very eyes around 12:30am in the Main Room — featuring performances by MamaDora, SirJoq and Snatch Adams, with curation and emcee realness by Larissa Archer.

Meanwhile, underground sound will be served «ALL NIGHT LONG» in the Basement Boudoir, featuring sets from:

• 11:00pm-1:30am — The Barbary Ghost
• 1:30-4:00am — EXOENDO


Full DJ Bios:

❧ Ion The Prize 

Once just a curious Cal student who attended Afterglow Pride shy & solo 10 years ago, Ion The Prize returns to C&J in 2023 as an experienced nightlife chameleon & resilient resident DJ now playing marquis events at Oasis (Princess, Hella Tight) and Powerhouse (Cock Cage). His confident, seductive and sex-positive DJ sets are infused with his self-produced remixes & edits over the years spanning classic house, tech house, breakbeats, uk garage and more. With recent appearances at Club Six for Re-Touch in November 2021, and Afterglow Pride in June 2022, Ion is excited to return the love & write a new chapter on the Tender Touch dancefloor.

❧ Jason Godfrey

Jason Godfrey is a dance music DJ based out of San Francisco, California. With 20 years of experience behind the decks he's developed an uncanny ability to get people moving to the music with his track selection and mixing skill. Raised with musical influences in disco, funk, soul, hip-hop and R&B, he's able to weave these genres into contemporary dance music for a fun, sexy and enthralling experience. With his relentless energy and endless passion he will do whatever it takes to get the dance floor moving.

❧ The Barbary Ghost

The Barbary Ghost is a gender nonconforming phantasm who has been haunting the Bay Area for hundreds of years, with sultry and deliciously sexy downtempo grooves made to "get down (stairs)" to.


EXOENDO brings her unique ability to take her audience on a voyage through sounds and genres, spanning the spectrum from melodic melodies to world tribal beats, deep organic house, dark spacey moody shifts of multi-layered delight, astro electronica, psychedelic goodness, sexy liquid drum and bass, starry night breaks, booty shaking trap, and soul expansive sunset downtempo. With her roots in music as a singer, songwriter and composer of music, she tapped into another layer of music when she worked with sound as medicine, creating the somatic musical experience called Transplant Journeys. In these journeys she leads guided meditations for her participants layered with music that she weaves together with sound healing frequencies for somatic and emotional release and activation. A DJ resident with Strategik and the Ambient Mafia family, EXOENDO appreciates the platform to keep exploring her artistry and expressing through the different frequencies of music she weaves together.

Can't wait to see you sashay in your very own way!

Be sure to arrive before midnight if you want to catch Trixie's succulent workshop, Tender Hearted Realness:

It's the season of love and sluttery so let's get real in our desires, passions, and play. Join this workshop with Trixie Lamonte for tips, tricks, and wonders on how to own your desires, be more confident, and feel comfortable and sexy at Touch and all play parties.

❧ Trixie Lamonte

Trixie Lamonte (Ariel) is a professional workshop facilitator, sex educator, performer, ritualist and relationship and confidence coach. Ariel is proud to be kinky, queer, nonbinary, and the co-founder of Gender Blender and Queerdome. To hire Trixie go to www.polyexcellent.com

Workshop awakens @ 11pm in the Candy Crush Snugglezone (small room off the back bar, upstairs).


Sticky-sweet pink and/or red styling is the name of this game folks – clothing check is available to relieve you of what's less than necessary.

Centering on Consent & Communication — Comfort & Joy is here for you! If you ever need support, see someone who may or have other concerns at our parties, please find one of our 'Vibe-Raters' (people floating through the space with purple glow collars) or a house manager (with a pink glow collar). We want everyone to always feel respected, adventurous and safe at our events. Requesting consent and waiting for enthusiastic confirmation before touching makes that possible – please always communicate and check in first! If you aren’t feeling it, a polite ‘no thank you’ is kind. ‘No’ is also a complete sentence. If you receive ‘no’ in any form, please be gracious and respect it. Ultimately, we request that we ask each other for permission, not forgiveness in the realm of consent.

The event is open to 21+ people of all genders. It is hosted at Club 6, an older building that is not fully wheelchair accessible. The main floor does not have any steps to it, however the basement area and coat check are only accessible by staircase. It will be crowded, loud and hard to navigate. Lighting may be poor and strobes may be used in areas. It is not a scent-free event. There will be EMS on site. All genders are always welcome in any bathroom.


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If you have feedback about your experience at the event, Audience Feedback is always valued.