Saturday, November 13, 2021 - 10:00pm to Sunday, November 14, 2021 - 5:00am

United States

Comfort & Joy is delighted to invite you to Re-Touch and reconnect with community at one of our legendary Touch parties!

Since its inception at the 14th Street Radical Faerie House, Touch has combined utterly fabulous neon art/décor, dragtastic performances, elevating dance energy and sumptuous playspaces to create an iconic nightlife experience that welcomes all sorts of queerness, counters internalized homophobia and shame, builds community and embraces the magic of healthy, loving touch.

This queer liberation work to heal hearts and support each other is even more vital during these difficult times and we hope we can all bring as much loving energy as possible to this event.

DJ Bios

Hil Huerta was introduced to club music in the early 80’s by his cousin, Eddie Garcia (aka Eddie Def). He began DJing on a set of used decks when he was 11 years old. By 1986, while still in middle school, Hil had begun throwing and promoting parties, playing a mix of freestyle, hip hop, and early house music. Hil’s drive and love of dance music has not abated. Now one of the Bay Area’s top promoters and still a top-notch DJ, Hil is know for his eclectic house music sets, ranging from funky cuts to electro-fueled tech house to progressive grooves. Of course, says Hil, “I still have all of my old stuff, so you never know when I might throw in something classic.”

Of course, all of this musical diversity serves a purpose. While some DJ’s will play a singular type of music to a crowd that’s not enjoying it, Hil has a deeper appreciation for dancers and wants to make sure everyone has a good time. As he says “I play every level of house music, just to keep the crowd moving.” In his continuing quest to keep the crowd moving, Hil divides his time between DJing, running a successful promotions company, and work in the studio. He is currently producing music with Homero Espinosa of Yerba Buena Discos.

DJ & producer Ion The Prize has gained a word-of-mouth reputation locally as the ultimate chameleon & communicator with the dancefloor. His confident, seductive & sex-positive blend of house, funk, hip-hop & breakbeats has flourished over the past few years with pre-pandemic residencies at Oasis and The Cafe; playing packed events thrown by Electroluxx, Glamcocks, and Comfort & Joy (Afterglow 2019); and spinning live soundtracks to the hottest playspaces and nudist parties in SF, LA and San Diego. Now as a new SF resident by way of Oakland, Ion is working to restore joy, optimism and excitement again for a new decade of nightlife for all.

Stanley Frank Sensation has been a staple of San Francisco nightlife for over fifteen years. his sets are known for their vivacious, eclectic and fun-loving nature. He is currently residing in Tecate, Baja California. Stanley comes up monthly to play beatpig, daytime realness and other queer parties. Stanley is so happy to be able to be with y'all! Xo.

Performer Bios

Activist, performer, entrepreneur - The One And Only Rexy has done it all. Having started her organizing career in middle school as a gender and race justice activist, The One And Only Rexy is dedicated to creating equitable and inclusive spaces for all people. As a performer, she uses every chance she is on stage to celebrate her intersectional identities. Currently, The One And Only Rexy is a founding member and Chief Marketing Officer for Fluid Coop SF, an all trans owned coffee shop with the mission of creating spaces and events "by us for all".

A childhood spent traveling with the circus has produced the burlesque babe of buffoonery! Combining classic skills such as knife-juggling and unicycling with the art of the tease, internationally-known Snatch Adams brings clowning to the realm of the risqué. Catch this clown college graduate throughout the Bay Area and beyond as she tickles your funny bone and tantalizes your other one.

Comfort & Joy is here for you: if you ever need support or have concerns at our parties, please find one of our 'vibe-raters' (purple glow collars) or a house manager (pink glow collars). We want to make sure everyone gets through the night feeling healthy and respected. As always, please communicate before touching.

Volunteer to help bring the party to life and earn a free ticket:

COVID Guidelines
Our collective safety is of utmost importance. We are utilizing every single strategy in our toolkit to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

Please be kind and gentle as we are learning how to gather again. Thank you for being patient and understanding. Bad vibes and attitudes NOT WELCOME. In order to attend everyone will be asked to:



*Be prepared to show proof of full Covid-19 vaccination at entry. Bring an electronic, photo, or paper copy of your full vaccination card with a photo ID matching the name on the proof of vaccination. If you have questions about Covid- 19 vaccinations or to book an appointment please visit


*We will check your temperature at the door with a touch-less thermometer. If you have a fever you will not be allowed to enter and be refunded.


Please have your mask and wear it for entry. Once inside, we encourage masks when not using your mouth in activities that masks may be a barrier for, including but not limited to drinking.

*These protocols are informed by the guidelines in CA and SF at the time of the event and thus some details are subject to change. Thanks for your understanding. We can’t wait to see you!


If you cannot meet these guidelines and/or are not feeling well, we still love you and will see you another time.

Comfort & Joy does not promise or guarantee that all patrons or employees on site are vaccinated. Unvaccinated individuals may be present at an event as a result of exemptions, exceptions, fraudulent verification, or checker error. No precautions eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Legally required exemptions and exceptions to the vaccination requirement will be observed by Comfort & Joy.