Saturday, December 1, 2018 - 10:00pm to Sunday, December 2, 2018 - 5:00am

Club Six
60 6th St
San Francisco, CA 94103
United States

Comfort & Joy is delighted to invite you to the 10-year celebration of our legendary Touch parties!

Since its inception at the 14th Street Radical Faerie House, Touch has combined utterly fabulous neon art/décor, dragtastic performances, elevating dance energy and sumptuous playspaces to create an iconic nightlife experience that welcomes all sorts of queerness, counters internalized homophobia and shame, builds community and embraces the magic of healthy, loving touch

This queer liberation work to heal hearts and support each other is even more vital during these difficult times and we hope we can all bring as much loving energy as possible to this milestone anniversary party

* * * * * *

Our whimsical HOLIDAY THEME ‘MistleGlow’ is a nod not only to the plant’s modern use to inspire kissing, but also mistletoe’s ancient symbolism of fertility and semen as well as peace and friendship… for us this embodies a fitting interpretation of the reason for the season

As this Touch also falls on WORLD AIDS DAY, we encourage you to remember the multitude of beautiful spirits taken from us way too soon and to honor their absence by doubling up on the warmth, tenderness and friendly vibes [additionally, a portion of our proceeds will be donated to the sacred National AIDS Memorial Grove]

* * * * * *


"Drop in, cozy up and explore deeper connections before your party shenanigans while sipping tea! Space will be held to explore your authentic experience at queer parties and support stepping into them in the way you want" - hosted by Phoenix (Brendan Neff-Hall), psychotherapist, queer relationship coach and master flirting facilitator.

* * * * * *

In the MAIN DANCE ROOM behold the splendor of “Twisted Tinsel”, the latest masterpiece by Chickpea (Brian Busta), whose art and jubilant personality bring a glow to us all

Get your life with a blizzard of booty shakin’ beats all night long from Jason Godfrey, One A (Gehno Sanchez Aviance), Hil Huerta and DJ Ivan (bios below)

At 11:30PM, our evening’s show will feature a jaw-dropping performance by our host Militia S. Towers, a bedazzling dance celebrating sex, touch and self-expression by Jesse Escalante, Ismael Acosta and Juliano Wade, and a surprise act from some of our queer family

* * * * * *

In our WONDERLAND LOUNGE, chill out, enjoy visual delights and connect amid:

- 'IntentionaliTEA', a new cushioned intentional drop-ins space for authentic connections and cuddles, facilitated by Phoenix; share moments of realness to forge connections with depth - "turn on, tune in, drop IN" - complete with complimentary tea and cookies, and surrounded by immersive 3D linear art by Oth and a gallery by other queer artists

- Winter edition kiss / selfie booths under mistletoe, with art by Oscar Gallegos Zamora

- Soothing massage healing by Scott Robinson

- Festive face/body paint artisty by Ismael Acosta

- A momento of your bliss from the PhotosByDot Photobooth, courtesy of our fantastic resident photographer

- Other breath-taking décor, including human-scale winterflowers to gaze upon, crystalline hue-shifting prism floor sculptures and a blacklight repurposed neon doily hoop dreamcatcher, by Bernadette, Blue (Jay Sterling Austin) and others

* * * * * *

Downstairs in our quintessential LOVE SPACE, explore your desires and pay homage to a core mission of Touch parties over the past ten years: inspiring joy and affirming the magic of friendly, consensual affection

Illuminating LED Sculptures by Steve Dudek, and Playful Gorgeousness by Neon Mistress Supreme Mikey Mann will add style and sophistication to your mistletoe adventures, while DJs Grisecon and J Maximillian lay down sexy soundscapes to usher you through the long night

To help communicate your intentions and consent, we'll also have optional holiday-colored stickers available:
GREEN = Open to being approached / 'Looking'
BLUE = Prefer to be one who approaches or not 'looking'

>>> Comfort & Joy is here for you: if you ever need support or have concerns at our parties, please find one of our 'vibe-raters' (purple glow collars) or a house manager (pink glow collars). We want to make sure everyone gets through the night feeling healthy and respected. As always, please communicate before touching... even with cuties wearing green under the mistletoe ;) <<<

* * * * * *

Brilliant nightlife photographer and sweetheart Lucas Francisco will be roaming around, capturing your incandescent beauty

Late-night fruity refreshments as always, plus sprinkles of lollipops and glow toys

Free Welcoming Hugs (optional)

Full Clothes Check Available

This party is 21+. Our apologies to the youngsters

Event Illustration by Klifford Ganancial