Glow in the Streets 2021: Comfort & Joy's Castro Block Party

Saturday, October 30, 2021 - 4:00pm to 9:30pm

2298 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
United States

Join Comfort & Joy on Halloween/Samhain weekend for our most dazzling Castro block party yet at the fourth ‘Glow in the Streets’!

Our splendid line-up to give you life on the dance floor:

Synthe Tigers - Allen Craig & Sergio Fedasz Make Disco-Infused House Tracks for the Discerning Dancefloor! RAWR They are excited to be DJing for their Comfort & Joy Family!

Performers' Bios

Alotta Boutté is an international cabaret and burlesque sensation. Hailing from the nightclubs of San Francisco, she serves up sweet lyrical somethings that titillate your eyes and tantalize your ears. She starred as the Chanteuse in the Mugler Follies in Paris and spent 11 years with Beach Blanket Babylon. She has shared the stage with the biggest and brightest in burlesque and cabaret.

God’s Lil Princess is a non binary pinko commie antifa cross dresser who uses her obnoxious liberal identities to fight the forces of evil and basic bitches. She’s a mouthy San Francisco native and will remind you every chance she gets. And by the way she’s not an artist, she’s just very pretty.

Johnny Rockitt, Current Countess of Nightmares and Phantasmagorical Delights, Has been haunting this city for nearly a decade! You've (literally) looked up at her all over town. She's best known for being your ghost host at one of San Francisco's longest-running contemporary parties RORSHOK every first Friday at the Legendary Eagle.

KaiKai is a jack of all trades mostly because trying out new things can be very fun! They have been performing in drag for over 7 years and cosplaying for longer so have a love for costuming, makeup, and transformation.

Kat Lin is a San Francisco-based dancer/designer/choreographer. Her work has been shown in SAFEhouse RAW Residency showcase, and she's danced with Kinetech Arts.

Liam Ocean is a San Francisco-based performance artist who has been dancing with circles of fire and light since 2009. His fiery theatrics have graced festival stages large and small, and his LED hoop shows can be seen at San Francisco’s most fabulous parties and events. A fun-loving carefree spirit, Liam always looks forward to bringing his lights to Comfort and Joy's neon stage.

For all this we're only asking for a $10 donation (please donate more if you can though - our actual costs per person at full capacity will probably be around $20). Your donation not only helps C&J continue to support local artists and special events, but will also get you a SPECIAL STICKER for FREE ENTRY to Lookout Nightclub!

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