Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 10:00pm to Sunday, April 15, 2018 - 4:30am

Club Six
60 6th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
United States

Comfort & Joy invites you to unplug from the matrix and join us in a galaxy far, far away at Faetronica, our supernova spring Touch party!

Awaken to a glistening new world where the toxic empires of the past have crumbled and all the magical queer creatures of the cosmos have turnt out to revel and rave.Behold bedazzling visuals as our vortex virtuoso Chickpea (Brian Busta) and over a dozen co-creators conjure up an orgy of trippy art and fluorescent splendor.

Feel the fantasy in a psychedelic neon wonderland and let your inner starlight shine! Dance, kiki and play with faeries and faggots, beasts and butchqueens, globots and glovers, in a dimension where everyone is welcome and dayglo is high fashion, be it fishnet, furry or flashy. To add even more glimmer to your gleam, snag some neon face and body painting magic from Joshua Katz and Ismael Acosta.

As music powers Faetronica, the evening’s sonic sensations will include:

  • Special electric LED violin performance by Shaina K. Evoniuk, acclaimed musician featured everywhere from Carnegie Hall to the Super Bowl, and across Europe, Asia and India.
  • DJs Robin Simmons and Elaine Denham, psychedelic “Odyssey” party series creators
  • DJ Allen Craig, SF underground veteran and Moulton Music co-founder
  • Late night treat by Nina Lares, euphorically soulful Moulton Music vocalist
  • DJ Justime casting delightful next-dimensional realness in our astral bar lounge
  • And finally, DJs Grisecon and DJ FACT.50 heating up the sensual kinetics downstairs!

On center stage at 11:30pm, prepare to be spellbound and starstruck by the other-worldy rainbow light of Liam Ocean, Cindy Sparks and Action V. Jackson (Vertel Jackson) of the Electric Spectrum LED Circus, madam/birthday babe Bernadette Bohan and her minions, and the ever euphorial space queen Miss Rahni NothingMore.

Chill out in our Astral Bar Lounge, where all the stars are closer and the many delights include:

Finally, warp down the rabbit hole to find our deepspace playforest, where all beings can explore celestial bodies, ignite fusion and come in peace amid the dazzling visual enchantments of Mikey Mann, Steve Dudek, Justin Bernard, Zak Plum, Joshua Katz and cosmic curator Tassel.

**Comfort & Joy is here for you: if you ever need support or have concerns at our parties, please find one of our 'vibe-raters' (purple glow collars) or a house manager (pink glow collars)**

Late-night fruity refreshments, courtesy of the bodacious Beonda Lloyd and crew.

Roaming photography by the fabulously talented Kidd Carlisle (Kidd With A Camera)

Sprinkles of complimentary lollipops and glow toys.

Welcoming hugs (optional) at the door. Full clothes check available. This event is 21+